Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dealing with Miserable People - Part Two

Last night I posted a question of how to deal with miserable people. Thanks to so many happy and caring friends on the social network I am on, I received quite a few suggestions.

Rio, my friend from secondary school (which is what, almost 20 years ago?) said, “Send him (the smelly cheese guy) to Somalia sot that he will become the cheese (to eat).”.

My happy bubbly friend Cat wrote, “All I can advise you is get out of there asap! Some people are happiest when they are miserable. There’s no darn thing you can do to change that because they don’t want to change unfortunately.”

Jojo, a wise friend with some very good philosophy on his social networking site wrote, “Just smile and always be happy! Life is so short! I am not sure why people are the way they are but they must be unhappy in their lives somehow. I have hope in all people that they can change. As long as we never become miserable ourselves because of their attitude, we have nothing to worry about. So keep cooking your smelly cheese… :-)”

Then Donna, a friend and ex-colleague from the aviation magazine I used to work for came up with this, “Bring durian next time!” Durian is a fruit from South East Asia that is like its name, full of spikes. For South East Asian people, durian is like Marmite: you either love it or hate it!

Not a fan of durian myself, I like the way it was described on a travel programme on BBC Radio 4, “It tastes and smells like kissing your dead grand mother.” Now I can really imagine having this fruit at my office. Maybe I can stand the taste with a thought that it will kill all the dementors in my office!

I thank all my friends who with their supports and advises, made me laughed until I almost fell from my chair. I guess one of the many possible ways of dealing with miserable people is to laugh out loud – although today I found out that laughing is now forbidden in my office (to cut the long story short, a very nice manager of mine had a funny ring tone on her phone that every time it rang, I laughed out loud. Then someone shush us.)

So, today I decided: If I could not laugh with them, then I shall laugh at them. Hahahahahahaha……. After all, the way to beat the dementors according to lovely Miss J.K. Rowlings is to keep your happy thoughts….

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