Monday, October 2, 2017

Smartphone and Tablets Appeal for Participatory Video Project in Papua



We need your old smart phones, tablets or iPads to train indigenous women of Papua, Indonesia, to be filmmakers in a Participatory Video Documentary project about peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

After the programme, all the equipment will be donated to the communities in Papua so that they can hopefully continue to share their lives and struggles to the world.

Contact: Adeline  or Andy  or WA +62(0)81210335275

Friday, July 21, 2017

Prof Dr Pompous Tw*t

Yesterday I was reminded of why I am pursuing this treacherous way of PhD focusing on Papua. I never wanted the title "Dr". I will never ever be a pompous academic who look down on 'the uneducated'. If I ever behave like that, please slap me hard!

I continue my education to PhD because I want to continue to see the world as something new with eyes of a child who see everything for the first time. No preconception, no prejudice. I want to listen sincerely, and I want to share what I have with others. I want to use my expertise to democratise knowledge.

I will continue to use everyday language and avoid big words if possible, because I believe that my work should be accessible to those outside my field, to those with or without university degree. 

To the professor or doctor who dismissed the idea of indigenous women can participate in a serious research before even listen, my message is: you are a sexist pompous t*at, your place is in a rubbish bin, and I respect the homeless drunk in the park ten times you! In fact, I respect a chimpanzee or an orangutan more than you! 

Papua, Indonesia and the world do not need any more arrogant Erupean to look down on them. 350 years under Dutch colony is enough. 

You call a participatory video project a vox populi. You know nothing about this, yet you dismissed this. Is it because I am a woman? Are you so scared of smart coloured women that you have to crush us like human kill spiders out of fear? I challenge you, you might be famous and have plenty of title, but your heart is as small as a single cell bacteria.

You will never understand how a single mother works two jobs while studying her bachelor degree and raising her son. You will never understand how the single mother with her son moved to a country 10,000miles away from anyone they know with only scholarship for a year ended up with two masters while working full time. Your son does not go to the best university in the world to study the most difgicult science as a result of years of struggle between studies, full time jobs and a family. You did not have to work night, sleep for one hour and rush to class only to work 10 hours shift again the next night. 

I will never be like you. People like you are the reason I am challenging the idea that knowledge can only come from the confinement of a university. I will continue to pursue a career in academia so that I can help those in need, the marginalised, the forgotten, and I do not need pompous tw*t like you in the world. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Disappointing Metro Shuttle Service in Manchester

As a resident of Castlefield, my family and I had been relying on the Free bus (metro shuttle) no. 2 when we need to go to city centre or Northern Quarter. However lately it no longer pass Castlefield. Not just that, the route for all three metro shuttle have been very uncertain and changing so often that we no longer able to use them at all.

We are very disappointed with this.

In the email below I made a complaint to tfgm for the uncertain route and the very rude attitude by the drivers when we tried to clarify. 

I do feel very disappointed and let down as the metro shuttle used to be part of our pride in manchester - we told our friends and relatives that this great city has free buses to take people around and that the people of Manchester are friendly and helpful. Well it's no longer the case, when people ask the bus driver they received rude snort with no answer.

Thank you and kind regards,
Adeline Cooke

Begin forwarded message:

From: adeline 
Date: 26 June 2017 at 16:20:26 BST
Subject: Complaints about Metro shuttle

I am very disappointed and angry by two metro shuttles no. 2 today who despite of us waiting for a long time on the exact sign of a bus stop, they refused to stop. Twice today on Deansgante - one on spinningfield stop the other on the barton arcade one.

A week ago I went on the metro shuttle from Piccadilly Station confused because it did not follow the route published on its own wall. When i asked the driver, he was very rude and refused to explain the route.

Yesterday my husband had the same experience trying to clarify the real current route with a metro shuttle driver in piccadilly station but he received a rude non-answer. The other driver he asked said that they do not stop at certain places anymore such as salford central due to management's dispute with salford station management. 

These are very very unprofessional, disappointing ang embarassing for the city of manchester. With lots of visitors coming to manchester, if our bus drivers as rude, unhelpful and unprofessional, we are no better than a third world nation!

I hope tfgm and the council will consider having a consistent bus route ang hiring polite and helpful drivers in the very near future.


Adeline Cooke

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Against all odds

This little chilli grew from a little flower on a broken branch. For weeks I thought the flower would fall and die. It did not. It stubbornly grew to be a little chilli. The leaves on its brach are wilted and dying, but the little chilli keeps on growing. 

Hope many more survivors can still grow amid their toxic environment - from war to domestic abuse, from hunger to natural disaster. 

"Gambate...!" Is a Japanese word that no other language has. It is a word we say to plants as they are growing. Meaning "Grow big and strong, little one...!"

#gambate #plant #againstallodds #survivor #pauseforthought 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Manchester, 23rd May 2017

Yesterday, Manchester experienced one of the worst attacks since 9/11 and London 7/7. As singer Ariana Grande was wrapping up her concert, a young man detonated an improvised explosive device killing himself and 22 others, injuring 59 people. Among the victims are children and teenagers, first time concert goers.

We mourn. We condemn. We shed tears. Children should not die in such a tragedy. Murderers should not target children. But the reality is, it happened. Children died. Murdered, targeted by terrorist. Children also died when schools and hospitals destroyed by misiles.

We condemn the terrorist causing yesterday's carnage. We should also condemn our involvements in other countries' wars. We should condemn the fact that we cling on nuclear weapon for 'defense'. 

The thing is, human beings are capable of doing the worst things and the best things. All nations have murdered babies and innocents in the name of whatever - from colonialism, religion, freedom, the opposite of freedom, for money and for idealism. They are still murder and they are still wrong. 

But at the same time, people from all nations have also done the most unthinkable kindness. 

Yesterday we saw the solidarity of taxi drivers in Manchester taking survivors home for free, the generousity of the locals offering rooms. The heroism of parents and strangers saving other kids.

We are a unique species as we literally make and break this planet and each other. We are pests who are destroying Planet Earth. But we are also the saviours and the only hope this planet has.

Jeremy Keeling of Monkey World said, "I have my views on right and wrong, but preaching morality is fraught with problems" ("Jeremy & Amy", 2010, p.217). So true. Who are we to claim higher moral ground when we produce the most lethal weapons and sell them to any one who can afford them? Who are we to say others are evil when we look away from other children death just because they are not in our country? 

The thing is, murder and violence are wrong. Love and kindness are right. Someone said this over 2000 years ago and died on a rugged cross for it. He said, "turn and offer your other cheek if someone slap you." When will human ever learn?

I guess the only moral of this sad story is: "always do the best our heart can guide us. Be kind and gentle. Always believe in Love and act based on Love." 

Peace and God bless us all ❤️ 

Manchester, 23 May 2017