Monday, November 1, 2010

Attack of the Giant Macaque

There are parades of old Rolls-Royce cars at Albert Square
today. This was part of  the celebration of the centenary of Charles Rolls. The Lord  Mayor of Manchester, Councillor Mark Hackett, was around as well. Many photographers, cameramen and reporters came to see the old cars.

However, Mac missed this. Adeline was going to take Mac to see the old gorgeous cars, but when Mac finally had time to go to Albert Square, the Rolls-Royces are gone.

Mac got so disappointed and angry that he wanted to take over the whole Town Hall. Watch out Manchester, for the attack of Mac the Giant Macaque!!

Mac decided Town Hall is too massive. “Let’s just attack a bus!”

Oh, the bus is still too much for Mac. At the end, Mac settled to attack the phone and the PC.

Well, that’s Mac’s story today!

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fantasticwriters said...

Wow Mac! ... what an adventure for such a little man! ... oops, sorry Mac, you're a Giant ... but it surely was a big adventure ... i'm sure your next adventure will be more exciting! ... i can't wait for Apple now! ;p