Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Be adventurous

I have been thinking... As a child and teenager I tried everything: from ballet to karate, from basket ball to mountaineering. Someone labelled me back then: "you're a quitter! You can't finish what you started!" I was sad because the person who labelled me was an important person. I thought I was disappointing him all my life. 

I remember carrying too many things in my hand and they all fell. My parents told me off for biting more than I could chew. 

But today I realised how rich I am because of all the things I have tried and the many stuff I had tried to carry. By failing to carry everything, I learned my limit. Because I tried everything, my CV is colourful, and I am proud of all my successes and failures. I am proud that I chose my own way and never let anyone dictate me. 

When I begged for help and was left to struggle on my own, I thought my world came to an end. But today I'm glad that I did things my way. The tears of being abandoned has become my strength. 

My advice to the next generation is to follow your heart. There's nothing wrong in changing careers or trying many different hobbies. Be responsible, but don't forget to be adventurous. Just like the meme here: better an ooops than a what if... 

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