Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thoughts on the Woolwich Murder

The brutal attack on a young British soldier in Woolwich, London, reminded me of the gory images from some conflict in Borneo and Madura years ago. It was savage, brutal, and threw us far from our senses of civilised humanity.

Having seen wars and conflicts back home did not make it any easier for me to digest what had happened in daylight on the street of London, in front of a primary school. I did however, think about how politicians and the British society reacted to such an inhuman behaviour. In a way, giving the label of terrorists to the two perpetrators is giving them the political status they wanted. So here is my simple thoughts on the Woolwich attack.

First my condolences to the family of Drummer Lee Rigby. He was a soldier, a son, a brother, a husband, and a father. After surviving wars as a soldier, what a horrible fate that he had to die on the street of London in a brutal attack by two crazy murderers!

This take me to my point: the two murderers are crazy criminals. They might claimed to be jihadist. They might claim to have political message to Britain and the rest of the "Westernised" world. But they are just crazy criminals, butchers of human beings. They are as sick as mass murderers who are now locked up under the Mental Health Act. Their act is no comparison to war. 

So here's an idea: treat the two as crazy criminal! We have to refuse to give them the political status that they wanted. They claimed to be terrorists with religious message, but they are not. They are criminals with something wrong in their heads. Their ideas of Islam does not reflect the faith that most moslems believe. They are not jihadist fighting any war, they are crazy criminals. I think they need serious medications and straight jackets, maybe lobotomy and isolation cells.

What Michael Adebolajo and his fellow murderer wanted was to be taken seriously. Let us not take them seriously. They're not jihadists. As Monty Phyton's famous quote says, they are just two "very naughty boys!" Naughty boys should not be taken seriously, they should be grounded and ignored. 

If they want publication, we should not give them. Let us ignore them! Tantrum is over, you are now grounded, be quiet and go to your naughty corner!

My message to Mr Cameron and UK politicians: let's not buckle to two naughty boys who had crossed the treshold of dangerousness. Treat them as they really are: criminals not political.

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