Friday, March 16, 2012


One dinner time at home, a conversation about Indonesian food - especially street food – arisen. My son Jacques whose experience of Indonesian street food is rather limited asked me about “martabak”.

So here is the explanation I gave him and my husband. Martabak is basically Indonesian omelette, but slightly more complicated as it is fried inside a very thin pastry. The pastry is like Filo pastry.

Hmmm…. Since then I felt challenged to cook it at home. After some researches – thanks for the wonderful technology called internet – I found this recipe:

The only thing that I did not fancy making is the pastry. It just sounds so complicated. So I cheated by using ready-made Filo pastry.

The result is good. I enjoyed watching the egg mixture bubbling up and then quickly folded the pastry. I even made two versions: the real martabak with mince beef and the vegetarian one using vegetarian mince.

Hmmm…. This will be tested tonight when Jacques and my husband Andy are home. My sister Tania who lives in London is also coming tonight, so I will find out the feedback and reviews soon.

Yum yum…! Hidup tukang martabak jalanan…! (Long live street food vendors)

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