Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Congratulation for Mr Obama

If Mr US President-elect has time to read my silly blog... This is what I want to say...

Dear Mr Obama,

I can't and won't hide it, I'm a great fan of you. Not only because you look like my father when he was young, or because you are as mix (race, culture, background) as myself and shared Jakarta as (one of a few) childhood town(s). I am a great fan of you, the good listener who optimistically believes that making a difference is possible. Step by step. Gradually. Not an overnight miracle. Starting from our own hearts. Starting by accepting our own stories and backgrounds. And then listening to the voice of the voiceless.... Yes, I admire your strong belief that we CAN make a difference... Thank you for reminding me this conviction that I almost lost.

Many people I spoke to - a neighbour from Kenya, Indonesian friends, Black British, White British - said that you share a little bit of everything. My English friends proudly said that you have a brother in law and that you once were in a local pub called the Frog and the Bucket or something like that, somewhere in England among us the commons. My neighbour who just got back from Nairobi said that upon landing in Heathrow, the the pilot in command made and announcement that Mr Obama is now the US president-elect. I don't blame Kenyan government to announce a public holiday and an expat in Jakarta to open a "Sweet Home Obama Bar" in Mr Abu Bakar's house where you spent some part of your childhood.

Congratulations Mr Obama! Congratulation Bary of Menteng Jakarta...! I am proud of you, fellow Citizen of The World...!

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