Monday, August 25, 2008

Learning to be independent

Jack my son is now capable of ironing his own clothes - trousers and shirts. I am not the only who is proud of him. He is too.

Why? Because that is one step of becoming independent. He is only 11, yet he cooks, he washes dishes, and now he can iron his own clothes.

I know too many kids - boys and girls - and grown ups who cannot do these simple things on their own. I just don't agree with mothers - and nannies and cleaners - who spoilts their kids to become dependent unmature people.

I taught Jack to do a lot of stuff while he is young, while I still can supervise him in some ways. Hopefully, these habits of doing things on his own become a life time habit. At least when Jack is 18 and living on his own in a student hall or wherever in the world, he will confidently take care of himself. (and this quality will attract girls too! so I told him)

Well done son. Hope you will do good in your life...

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